Carlton Reid’s Choice: The Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance Guide to the Best, Cyclists’, Christmas Puddings Part 2


03.12.15 at 9:49 am

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Everyone, it turns out, loves a Christmas pud.

We asked founder and Executive Editor of, and author of Roads Were Not Built For Cars, Carlton Reid, for his favourite:



“Health food” can be free of gluten, free of additives, free of dairy and, very often, free of taste. In the run-up to the Season of Excess this Will Not Do. We cyclists crave not just calories (and carbon composites) but scrumminess, too. A big fat Christmas pudding is certainly scrummy but it’s not exactly jersey-pocket-stuffable.

This portability problem has been solved by Nakd. This young British company makes a short-run pud-flavoured fruit and nut bar that’s seasonal, calorific *and* tasty. Tipping the scales at 35g, and measuring 13.5 by 4cms, the 567kJ Nakd Christmas Pud bar easily slips into a rear jersey pocket or a frame-mounted tool bag. Nicely moist, even without “lashings of cream”, the bar is made from only good stuff: dates, cashews and raisins. There’s also “essence of Christmas pud”, of course, but this, too, is natural and good for you. The bar is not baked, it’s raw fruit and nuts.

Munching on the move has never been so festively bijou.

Availability: The bar is available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and, after this review, perhaps even a few bike shops. It’s also available online.

Alternatives: Christmas pud not your cup of tea? Nakd produces a Bakewell Tart bar, also made from unbaked fruit and nuts. This is available year-round and is ridiculously tasty.

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