The Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance Guide to the Best, Cyclists’, Christmas Puddings Part 1


01.12.15 at 5:38 pm

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It’s December, and every company in the country is desperately attempting to shoehorn their brand into something vaguely Christmas-y. We hate feeling left out, so here goes nothing…

The Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance guide to the best, cyclist’s, Christmas Puddings. Part 1, YJ Blogger Will Leedham


Part 1 – Tesco Value:

One for the old school cyclists, this pudding isn’t going to break the bank. The Tesco Everyday Value Christmas Pudding comes in at a tidy £1, and achieves everything you would expect from a traditional Christmas pud. Very much one for the cyclist that repairs their inner tubes multiple times.

With a very reasonable 351 calories per serving, the pudding isn’t going to derail any winter diet plans too severely. And since it is lightly spiced with cinnamon, famous for its metabolism boosting properties, you can afford to help yourself to a second slice.

Nut free, you aren’t going to find a whole lot of slow release energy contained within this pudding, but the 37 grams of sugar per serving make it a great option for the sprinters. The flexible plastic carton and easy peel lid make it an ideal back pocket energy boost, convenient for eating on the bike; and if you heat it in the microwave before you set off, will keep you toasty warm on the first part of your ride.

Don’t forget to bring a fork. A gentleman or woman doesn’t eat Christmas pudding with their hands.

Part 2, NAKD CHRISTMAS PUD with Carlton Reid

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