Cycling Crowdfunding Campaigns: a look at the weird and wonderful


14.02.19 at 10:50 am

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There is no limit to the human imagination and nowhere exemplifies that better than the internet. We thought we’d have a bit of fun searching through the cycling crowdfunding campaigns to see what cycling creations in recent years have tried to win your support.

In Dragon’s Den style, we’ve chosen the genius ideas and the, erm, less so genius. Some are now successful businesses in their own right, some are still fund raising and some sadly never made it off the ground…

I’m In

Convercycle. Cargobikes are slowly but surely growing in popularity here in the UK, particularly in urban areas. But with urban areas also comes a distinct lack of outdoor space to store a cargobike. Convercycle solves this problem by letting you convert it from a cargo bike to a city bike and back again, depending on your needs for that particular journey. If you’re planning to be carrying particularly heavy loads or live in a hilly  area, you could opt for the electric version. We love that this is encouraging more people to appreciate cargobikes as a real option for doing the weekly shop, taking the kids to nursery and other tasks that you might typically save for the car.

cycling kickstarters folding cargo bike - cycling crowdfunding campaign

Alpen Storage. These sleek, futuristic capsules were a big hit with our team when we discovered them earlier this week. Made of ‘nearly indestructible’ LLDPE plastic and with an integrated locking system similar to that of a car boot, the bike capsules offer high security without taking up a huge amount of space. We’re hoping if things go well that a multi-bike capsule will also be in the pipeline.

Alpen Capsule secure bicycle storage concept - cycling crowdfunding campaign

Wind-Blox. Nifty little gadgets that claim to block the noise of wind while you’re cycling but still allow all the important sounds you want to hear like approaching traffic and the voices of other cyclists. Unlike other solutions, Wind-Blox don’t sit over the ear itself and instead just attach to your helmet straps. A simple but very effective idea – and now one less excuse for you not to tackle that headwind.

Wind blox sound reduction for cyclists - cycling crowdfunding campaign

Gi Fly. This electric smart bike promises to be maintenance free thanks to the anti-puncture tyres and belt drive, which should certainly appeal to their targeted commuters who won’t want to be getting down and dirty changing a flat at the side of the road in their work suit. It also folds up in just one second – yes, one – making it useful for the time pressed commuter to catch the train. If the price tag of over £2,100 is a bit much for just getting from A-B, you could consider a classic British Brompton instead.

folding bicycle animation - cycling crowdfunding campaign

Litelok. Gold rated locks may as well be made of gold for how heavy they are, so Litelok is a total game changer. Their flexible, wearable, gold rated locks are the lightest on the market at just 1.1kg, meaning there’s no excuse to not keep your bike safe and secure wherever you leave it. They’ve since expanded their range with a silver rated lock as well. In fact we love this product so much that you can buy one as part of your insurance purchase with us.


PedalMe. The pedal powered taxi service has gone down a storm in London with passengers enjoying the freedom and speed of being transported by bicycle instead of a car, and it’s a service we truly hope will continue to grow throughout the capital and the UK. Studies have shown time and again that cycling is the quickest way to get around in the city, so why not give them a try next time you’re in London?

pedal me cargo bike bicycle taxi

I’m out

Sehen. A divisive one in the team. I think these look pretty naff, but I do understand they serve a very practical purpose and if it means the difference between someone riding and not riding because they feel safer, then it’s a no-brainer. The company absolutely smashed their initial fundraising target so clearly there is an appetite for these rearview mirrors, making a change from the usual ones that can be attached to handlebars or your wrist.

sehen cycling helmet mounted wing mirror - cycling crowdfunding campaign

The Bike Dress promises to “transition easily from the movement of cycling to a fashionable night out.” I love a capsule wardrobe as much as the next person, but fashionable is stretching it a bit when it comes to this dress (although the pockets are a big win). Ultimately, the Bike Dress proves how much of a long way we still have to go before cycling becomes part of our culture. In European countries where cycling is part of everyday life, there’s simply no need to buy different everyday clothes to ride in, just as we wouldn’t buy different everyday clothes to drive in.

Bouclier. Seemingly modelled on riot police, this visor clips onto your helmet to protect your face from harmful UVA and UVB rays while cycling.  Given how little strong sun we get here in the UK, I think I’ll just stick to suncream and a good pair of sunnies.

bouclier cycling visor windshield - cycling crowdfunding campaign


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