Laura Trott Interview 2015


18.10.16 at 9:03 pm

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There is no hiding it, there is no trying to play it down, I simply love this job! I was extremely lucky last month to attend Staffordshire University as a guest of Matrix Fitness Pro Cycling for the launch of their professional women’s cycling team.

At the event we managed to catch up with Double Olympic Gold medallist Laura Trott. She currently holds the National Road title (spot the jersey!) and a little known fact is she was the first British woman to win two Gold medals. Laura was well known on the cycling circuit but reached a new level of recognition during the London Olympics in 2012.

So I had my first and likely only shot at asking Laura Trott an informative and probing set of questions about women’s cycling, competing in a home games, destroying the competition on the track but instead I quizzed her about bicycle insurance.

Unexpectedly Laura had some quite strong views and revealed she’d had a bike nicked from the boot of her car (something we know isn’t covered on home insurance and something that is covered with Yellow Jersey). Laura went on to discuss a serious crash whilst racing and she also discussed her views on why you should insure a garage full of bikes at home.

Laura Trott talks bicycle insurance from the point of view of a professional rider

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Photo credit Huw Williams 2015.

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