Kit list for breaking the Europe crossing record


12.04.18 at 8:50 am

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On Monday, I will begin my attempt to break the World Record for the fastest crossing of Europe by bicycle. Travelling unsupported, I need to carry everything with me at all times. The conflicting issue? In order to break the current world record I will need to cycle fast, very fast, and cannot afford to have kit slowing me down.

With this in mind, I’ve spent a long time working out exactly what I will take with me on this 4,500-mile challenge. Here is my kit list.

Sean Conway world record long distance touring cycling self supported across Europe adventure cycling kit list


Keep up with Sean’s record attempt by following his live GPS tracker

Sean Conway gps tracking social button


Stanforth Conway steel bike with carbon fork. Designed for touring at speed while maintaining comfort.

Mixed Shimano 105 and Ultegra components, lightweight and reliable.

Reynold Aero46 carbon wheels.

SP dynamo hub to power my lights and my phone.

Restrap panniers

Brooks Cambium C13 saddle.

Continental GP4000s tyres.

2x 1 Litre water bottles. Carrying two litres is the best for me. Not too much to carry yet enough to get me between towns.

Supernova E3 dynamo light.


Dare2b cycling kit including gloves, leggings, shorts, jersey and jacket

Limar aero helmet. I find aero helmets put less strain on my neck.

Quoc road cycle shoes. I love lace up shoes. They’re very comfortable.

Down gilet jacket, mainly to sleep in.


1 pair of socks. 2 pairs just stink out your bag.

Little Flying Cow

My mascot – @AdventureMascot on instagram


Freeloader Sixer battery bank to charge from my dynamo.

SPOT tracker and spare AAA batteries.

iPhone 8Plus for navigation and photos etc.

Quadlock iPhone bike mount.

Bremont Zulu watch.

2x headphone – one headphone cut off so you can always hear traffic.

5x iPhone charge cables as they always break.

GoPro Hero 6.

Tools & Spares


2x spare inner tubes

Bike tool

Small knife

Chain oil

Cable ties

Super glue

Self stick puncture repair patches

3x tyre levers

Spare chain quick links


Terra Nova Bivvy.

Down sleeping, bag -13 extreme

Blow up pillow


A letter to open every 1000 miles from my fiancée.

Extra Essentials

Language cards for each country I pass asking for food, water, sleep and a place to charge my phone.

Tennis ball for massage.

Sports nutrition from ProjectE2

Fake wallet with £50 and cancelled cards in it to give to anyone wanting to mug me.

Real money and cards hidden on my body.

Toilet paper in ziplock so it doesn’t get wet.

Hayfever tablets to help breathing through my nose.

Sunscreen… because I’m ginger.

The phone number for Yellow Jersey claims incase I have a medical emergency.

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