Triathlon London, Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance Senior League


10.06.15 at 4:31 pm

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We are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Triathlon London Senior League series, with the event now renamed Triathlon London, Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance Senior League.


The Triathlon London Senior League sees competitors from London based Triathlon clubs compete across ten rounds of Triathlon, Aquathlon and Duathlon events, at locations across central and greater London. Originally started in 2006, the re branded event spanning April to October, offers an opportunity for enthusiasts of all levels to compete together in a team based competition.

While the top five finishers of each event can win points for their teams in their respective categories, members of all abilities are encouraged to take part in the pursuit of personal achievement and in support of their clubs.

The series was started in 2006 with the aim of bringing London based Triathletes together in organised competition, build interest in the sport and encourage people of all abilities to become involved in racing. Built from small, individual, but proven events, the Triathlon London Senior League provides an ongoing series across the summer, in which clubs and their members can compete together as a regular fixture. This unification has driven growth of these events, and Triathlon as a whole in London, with the Crystal Palace Sprint Triathlon in May fielding over 700 competitors, and other events from the series selling out months in advance.

While giving opportunities for age group level athletes to bring prestige to their clubs through race victories, the introduction of a Mob Race category in 2010 rewards clubs on the number of entrants they field. Mob Racing promotes entry by those new to the sport in addition to the elite level competitors, as every member of a club can contribute to their standings, and encourages faster competitors who finish early to cheer on the last across the line.

Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance will be taking an active role in the Triathlon London Senior League; attending and reporting on races, providing prizes for competitors, and working with the London Triathlon as they continue to grow. Full results and race summaries will be recorded on the Yellow Jersey website, providing a resource for participants. And with Yellow Jersey’s financial support and marketing input, the league will continue to grow with new events joining the calendar, and the potential for races in the future with distances up to Ironman.

The London League series is a continuation of Yellow Jersey’s commitment to supporting Triathlon in the UK, alongside their sponsorship and support of bodies and individuals including: The British Triathlon Federation, British Army and RAF Triathlon, Raining Junior Champion Sophie Coldwell, and Triathlon Clubs across the UK.

Managing Director of Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance, Ryan Georgiades is particularly excited about our new involvement with the London League.

“I am over the moon with our new association with the London League. The Thames Turbo Race was my first ever triathlon, so I jumped at the opportunity to help support the continued development and growth of the league, and look forward to doing so for many years to come.”

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