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Waller Pain 2016 Results

Ryan Georgiades | 2 years ago

Ewan Tuohy (Catford Cycling Club ) took the victory in the 6th Annual Waller Pain hill climb in Caterham, Surrey, on Sunday 19th June 2016, just missing out on the event record by three seconds.

Waller Pain Hill ClimbTuohy tackled the steep ascent of Waller Lane in 1-17 seconds, just short of the mark set by Matthew Pilkington in 2011.

Last year winner Mathew Burton (Velo Club Rutland) and Daniel Pink (Big Foot CC) both placed second with 1-24 closely followed by Under 16 men’s category winner Santiago Cadavid (VCL) with 1-28.

Cropped Twitter Waller Pain

Courtesy on Twitter of Paul Tuohy ‏@Paultuohy Jun 19 This years and last years winners of #wallerpain talk bike @YellowJerseyUK @catford_cc @Catfordbanks

Helen McKay (Les Filles RT) women’s title and course record 1-49.7 set in 2015 remained unchallenged whilst fastest women of the day Isabella Escelera (VCL) turned out an epic 2-10 to win U16 women’s category.

In the other categories, Peter Carpenter (Sutton CC) under 12 boys; Jonathan Tucker (VCL) men’s Vets and Steve White men’s super-vets. No fit mums took part this year however Simon Blackborn’s sterling effort meant he took the Fat Dad category.

The all inclusive non profit making event supported by Caterham Round Table helped raised funds towards local good causes. Caterham Round Table Iron Man Rupert Greatwood (Tri Surrey) said “We were very happy how smoothly the event ran today and next year we will do our best to avoid fathers day and the London to Brighton bike ride to maximise our chances of a larger field. Thank you to everybody that participated on and off the bikes including our sponsors Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance”.

Waller Pain Hill Climb 2016 Results:

Bib Name Club Time Category Category Winner
118 Ewan Tuohy Catford Cycling Club 0:01:17.00 Men 1st M & Overall
119 Mathew Burton Velo Club Rutland 0:01:24.00 Men
121 Daniel Pink Big Foot 0:01:24.00 Men
127 Santiago Cadavid VCL 0:01:28.00 Under 16 1st U16 M
120 Lewis Winfield VCL 0:01:29.00 Under 16
112 Chris wall 0:01:33.00 Men
129 Finley Newmark VCL 0:01:33.00 Under 16
116 Mark Carpenter 0:01:36.00 Men
141 Jonathan Tucker VCL 0:01:37.00 Veteran 1st Vet M
122 Mark Hayman 0:01:37.00 Men
104 Scott Mackenzie TRI Surrey 0:01:44.00 Men
124 Mark Shepherd Banjo Cycles 0:01:44.00 Veteran
126 Anthony Abbott Oxted CC 0:01:44.00 Men
132 Sam Beadle VCL 0:01:44.00 Under 16
131 David McCarthy VCL 0:01:46.00 Under 16
134 Alexander Damms VCL 0:01:46.00 Under 16
135 Leo Hayter VCL 0:01:50.00 Under 16
136 Oliver Wollaston VCL 0:01:51.00 Under 16
133 David Beadle VCL 0:01:53.00 Veteran
103 Aynsley Edwards TRI Surrey 0:01:55.00 Men
125 Paul Tyotty CTC 0:01:56.00 Veteran
102 Tony Evans TRI Surrey 0:01:57.00 Men
130 Finlay Welling VCL 0:01:58.00 Under 16
107 Simon Blackborn 0:02:00.00 Fat Dad 1st Fat Dad
113 Steve White 0:02:05.00 Super Veteran 1st Super Vet M
128 Chris Newmark VCL 0:02:06.00 Veteran
109 Stephen Allport Bec CC 0:02:08.80 Men
114 Ian Wilson TRI Surrey 0:02:09.00 Veteran
110 Isabella Escalera VCL 0:02:10.00 Under 16 1st U16 F
111 Bob Treadwell 0:02:20.00 Super Veteran
143 Billie Bancroft VCL 0:02:21.00 Under 16
142 Cameron Still Hillingdon Slipstreamers 0:02:23.00 Under 16
145 Richard Perkins VCL 0:02:23.00 Veteran
101 Matt Hutchings TRI Surrey 0:02:24.00 Veteran
106 Peter Carpenter Sutton CC 0:02:25.00 Under 12 1st U12 M
115 Alex Lishmund 0:02:26.00 Men
140 Benjaman Tucher VCL 0:02:30.00 Under 16
117 Ben Carpenter 0:02:45.00 Under 16
139 Billy David-Gray VCL 0:02:46.00 Under 16
144 Flora Perkins VCL 0:02:58.00 Under 16
105 Joe Carpenter Sutton CC 0:03:39.00 Under 12
108 Tom Norris 0:03:47.00 Under 16
123 Harison 0:04:10.00 Under 16
138 Alec Hambelton 0:04:50.00 Under 16
137 Frances Hambelton 0:06:06.00 Under 16

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Ryan Georgiades

| 2 years ago

About this author:
Hi I’m Ryan Georgiades, co-founder of Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance. When I first joined my local club, the Clapham Chasers, in 2009 I was 20 stone and heading for a heart attack. Cycling and triathlon truly change my life. Over the next six years I went on a journey which saw me lose six stone, get married to a club mate, have two children and become an Ironman. I’m currently training for nothing in particular and desperately trying not to get back to 20 stone.

I really hope you like what we are doing at Yellow Jersey, we are genuinely passionate about our sport and business.
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