Hawaii Ironman Kona, Where to watch the World Championships


11.10.18 at 1:02 pm

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>where to watch Hawaii Ironman Kona 2018

We run through where to watch The World Championships at the 2018 Hawaii Ironman in Kona, the start times, and some of the British competitors to look out for.

For the 40th edition of the  Hawaii Ironman, live coverage will be available in the UK via Facebook Watch [update: stream over]  starting 5:15pm UK time (7:15 am in Hawaii) on Saturday October 13th. Strangely, it doesn’t seem like the race will be available via Amazon’s streaming service despite them being this year’s title sponsor.

The Elite men start their swim at 5.35pm UK time (6.35am Kona time), with the Elite women setting off five minutes later.

While the majority of coverage will be of the elite competition, some time will be reserved for age groupers with the men’s race starting at 6:05pm, and women’s at 6:20pm UK time.

To help you keep track of friends, family, and club mates Ironman have replaced their Ironman Tracker with an app, available on Android and IOS. Each competitor will record multiple split times for their bike, run, and transitions; so you can keep track of their progress throughout the race.

The one to watch in the elite Women’s competition will be three-time Kona Ironman World Champion, Daniela Ryf, from Switzerland. The top UK athletes looking to challenge her will be Lucy Charles (2nd at Kona 2017), and Susie Cheetham.

Last year’s winner in the Men’s competition, Patrick Lange of Germany, will be looking to maintain his title, as well as the course record of 8 hours 1 minute and 40 seconds. Top seeded British athlete David McNamee will be looking to improve on third place last year.

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Pro Women Start List

Bib number First name Surname Nationality
F1 Daniela Ryf SUI
F2 Lucy Charles GBR
F3 Sarah Crowley AUS
F4 Kaisa Sali FIN
F5 Susie Cheetham GBR
F7 Heather Jackson USA
F8 Kirsty Jahn CAN
F11 Mirinda Carfrae AUS
F12 Mareen Hufe GER
F14 Carrie Lester AUS
F15 Laura Siddall GBR
F16 Jocelyn McCauley USA
F17 Sarah Piampiano USA
F18 Linsey Corbin USA
F19 Teresa Adam NZL
F20 Michelle Vesterby DEN
F21 Liz Blatchford AUS
F22 Lesley Smith USA
F23 Manon Genet FRA
F24 Jodie Robertson USA
F25 Corinne Abraham GBR
F26 Rachel McBride CAN
F27 Emma Pallant GBR
F28 Gurutze Frades ESP
F29 Helle Frederiksen DEN
F30 Lisa Huetthaler AUT
F31 Maja Stage Nielsen DEN
F32 Jen Annett CAN
F33 Tine Deckers BEL
F34 Meredith Kessler USA
F35 Anne Haug GER
F36 Lauren Brandon USA
F37 Melanie Burke NZL
F38 Asa Lundstrom SWE
F39 Beth McKenzie USA
F40 Katja Konschak GER
F41 Sara Svensk SWE
F42 Naeth Angela CAN

Pro Men’s Start List

Bib number First name Surname Nationality
M1 Patrick Lange GER
M2 Lionel Sanders CAN
M3 Sebastian Kienle GER
M5 David McNamee GBR
M6 James Cunnama RSA
M7 Javier Gomez Noya ESP
M8 Patrik Nilsson SWE
M9 Josh Amberger AUS
M10 Braden Currie NZL
M11 Frederik Van Lierde BEL
M12 Ivan Tutukin RUS
M14 Andy Potts USA
M15 Kyle Buckingham RSA
M16 Bart Aernouts BEL
M17 Brent McMahon CAN
M18 Ivan Rana ESP
M19 Cameron Wurf AUS
M20 Tim Van Berkel AUS
M21 Michael Weiss AUT
M22 Igor Amorelli BRA
M23 Matt Hanson USA
M24 Joe Skipper GBR
M25 Maurice Clavel GER
M26 Jan Van Berkel SUI
M27 Antony Costes FRA
M28 Philipp Koutny SUI
M29 Boris Stein GER
M30 Andrew Starykowicz USA
M31 Luke McKenzie AUS
M32 Tyler Butterfield BER
M33 Will Clarke GBR
M34 Ben Hoffman USA
M35 Kevin Collington USA
M36 Marc Duelsen GER
M37 Jens Petersen-Bach DEN
M38 Cyril Viennot FRA
M39 Mike Phillips NZL
M40 Alessandro Degasperi ITA
M41 Ruedi Wild SUI
M42 Andreas Dreitz GER
M43 Tim O’Donnell USA
M44 Cameron Brown NZL
M45 Romain Guillaume FRA
M46 Denis Chevrot FRA
M47 Thiago Vinhal BRA
M48 David Plese SLO
M49 Matt Chrabot USA
M50 Giulio Molinari ITA
M51 Tim Reed AUS
M52 Ronnie Schildknecht SUI
M53 Callum Millward NZL
M54 Simon Cochrane NZL
M56 Nick Baldwin SYC
M57 Tim Don GBR
M58 Matt Russell USA
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