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Tour de France 2017, Yellow Jersey Infographic

Will Leedham | 5 months ago

Tour de France 2017, Yellow Jersey Infographic

The 2017 edition of le Tour de France sets out from Germany on the 1st of July, with the Grand Départ in Dusseldorf. After a brief stop in Belgium and Luxembourg, the riders will be heading down the east coast of France for spells in the Pyrénées and Alps.

Since the Tour de France is all anybody is going to be talking about for the next month, we thought we’d arm you with some essential trivia to impress your friends and cycling buddies.

Who has worn the Yellow Jersey for the most number of days, but never won the Tour? Which rider has won the Tour de France without having taken a single stage victory? And how do the British riders stack up against one-another in the all time Yellow Jersey standings?

Our Yellow Jersey Infographic, updated for the 2017 Tour de France, takes you through all the important stats and figures you’ll need to sound like a badass cycling nerd.

le Tour de France 2017 Yellow Jersey infographic


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Will Leedham

| 5 months ago

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