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Birzman ‘Weather Warrior’ Phone Protector

Ben Reeve | 2 years ago

I’m about to head out for my first wet ride of the Autumn, and as I was picking the Birzman out of the drawer I thought I’d write a quick review.
I got bought this last Christmas, and at £11.99 it makes a great gift for the cyclist in your life! It has now become an essential for me, tucked in my back pocket every time I get on the bike.

Birzman Review - Birzman Side

Better than a sandwich bag?

Yes, without doubt! The Birzman is big enough for anything up to an iPhone 6 (though too small for a 6 plus), and has a seal along the right hand side. This means that everything inside is kept moisture proof. It also has a small pocket at the back just behind where the phone is held. In here I keep an emergency £20 note for those days when I run out of food or need a cab ride home! The Birzman is definitely not a hard case, and whilst it will protect your phone from being scratched by other items in your jersey pockets, it is certainly not going to save your phone in a crash.

Ben Reeve

| 2 years ago

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