L2L Diary, Part 2 – Revised Training Plans


06.01.17 at 11:14 pm

After announcing my plans on Monday for the 447 slog across the widest part of England with my fantastic local cycling club, Team WR, the comments have been coming in thick and fast.

I was not 100% certain on my initial training plan but some really helpful comments from the people of Facebook, Cyclechat and Reddit have brought my regime into focus and have allowed me to polish them. I have used these comments to refine my training plan and hopefully build something I can stick to. It is incredible to have people get involved like this and it has really helped me get my plan right.

P.S. I am now pretty intimidated by the hours on the bike ahead of me. Maybe it’s too much as if it doesn’t damage my legs it may well damage my marriage! Thankfully my wife (says she) will be understanding!

Comments From Social Media

Eden Walker from the ‘Bikes and Blogs’ Facebook group really hit the nail on the head!

S Express on Cyclechat started off suggesting I wasn’t going hard enough early enough. And I have to say I agreed with him. I have a decent base level of fitness and I think my first few planned rides were more about prolonging the inevitable than proper training.

The BeardedBaldMan from Reddit made a similar point; get out there, get the miles done and stop putting it off!

Ian H from Cyclechat proposed a theory of getting up to the big miles early, getting used to them and then focusing on speed. I had never really thought about training like this before. I was considering it more like marathon training – build gradually up and then do your longest run a few weeks before the event. Maybe getting big miles early would help my body to adjust.

Andrew Sims from the ‘Audax Uk’ Facebook group added in another angle.

Stuart Henry James on Facebook made another good point. Riding long rides too close to the big day could cause problems. I had only factored in recovery, but what about injury or saddles sores? May be best to leave a bit more space in the last few weeks when I will hopefully have the fitness.

TheySellCoke from Reddit also reminded me of the area we would be riding through and how I needed to prepare my legs for the hills. Definitely worth considering some longer rides out into hilly country.

This was backed up by Andy Allsopp from the ‘Audax UK’ Facebook Group.

And finally Dim from the Cyclechat forum did some maths for me. He put the ride into clearer view and made it sound a lot more manageable, even if we’re not quite doing it in the way he describes…

Updated Training Plan

Taking all this into consideration there were a few things I had to change from the original plan:

  • Get up to decent miles earlier
  • Plan in some weekend back to back rides to get used to being on the bike on consecutive days
  • Plan in some time in the hills on long distances
  • Ease off a couple of weeks beforehand so injury or illness doesn’t derail the day.
  • Oh, and I now have a stag do to attend sometime in March. That should help!

As with last time these are only the long rides for the week. I will plan in interval, recovery and hill sessions in during the week which can be a bit shorter.


  • Sun 8th – 40km 50km (limited time)
  • Sun 15th – 60km Sat 14th – 80km & Sun 15th – 80km
  • Sun 22nd – 70km 100km
  • Sun 29th – Rest week 80km (away from home so limited time to cycle)


  • Sun 5th – 80km 120km
  • Sun 12th – 100km Sat 11th – 100km & Sun 12th – 100km
  • Sun 19th – 100km 150km
  • Sun 26th – Rest Sat 25th – 120km (hills) & Sun 26th 100km


  • Sun 5th – 120km 100 miles
  • Sat 11th – 120km Stag Do
  • Sun 19th – 100 miles Sat 18th – 120km & Sun 19th – 150km
  • Sun 26th – Rest 120 miles


  • Sun 2nd – 120km
  • Sat 8th – 150km 100 miles
  • Sun 16th – Rest 80km
  • Sat 21st – 200km (Tour De Bedfordshire) & Sun 23rd – 100km
  • Sat/Sun 30th – 130 miles (Overnight test run from Welwyn to Lowestoft)


  • Sun 7th – 100km 160 miles
  • Sun 14th – 150 miles 100km
  • Sun 21st – Taper/Easy Going
  • Fri 26th – L2L

Here’s hoping this looks like a better plan!