One Day, One Person, One Ride


09.08.16 at 10:05 pm

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One day, One person, One ride

If you had to choose what would it be? You have one day, one person, one ride….

Mine is an easy one.

A Sunday morning, nice early start. Starting off cool with it warming up out on the road. No clouds in the sky and plans to look forward to in the afternoon. The wind would be low, a slight breeze on the way out giving us a welcome push on the way home. It would be late summer when the fields have started to turn golden and the days are long.

My dad would be there with me chatting on the way. We don’t push too hard; today is about cycling because we can, not because we have to. We’re doing it to take it all in rather than to rush past.

The ride would be from home to Saffron Walden. 100km taking in some of the finest countryside in the area. A few testing hills, an amazing coffee shop, riding through the villages where my dad grew up.  We’re not afraid to take a long stop off for coffee. We left the house out early so we’ll still be home before lunch with the rest of the day ahead of us. We sit out in the sun at a cycling coffee shop on a side street and just catch up for a while.

Heading home is a pleasure with the wind at our backs. The country lanes narrow, barely a car to be seen. We know we’ve been riding but this hasn’t been so strenuous that it will wipe out the rest of the day.

The bikes are almost willing us on now, the closer we get to home the easier it feels, like a long downhill stretch. Nothing can beat it. This is the ride I think about when I want to relax. When I need a pick me up it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

One Day, One Person, One Ride… and no punctures allowed!

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